Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm not dead. Thank you!

I'm actually writing a blog post.
That must mean one of two things. I might have met and must have been dumped by yet another woman and I have come here to whing about it or I must be trying to write a term paper. Sadly, faithful readership, it's the latter. Most of this exalted readership is already a part of my friends' list on Facebook (yes, I have no one but me to blame), so they knew I was alive. Anyway.
Here I was innocently, actively procrastinating and I land on youtube and in a process that is as inexpressible as time-warping, I land on a couple of videos of Demetri Martin. I just had to say a couple of words about his dry sense of humor that is (thankfully) not overtly sexual. Instead, his jokes are the intelligent kind. And he does all this with the accompaniment of a guitar and sometimes a harmonica, which he also merges beautifully with his jokes. I have actually seen him come up on The Daily Show, but that doesn't exploit all of his excellent potential. And according to his wikipedia article, he's quite smart too. Hoping for the best for him Definitely recommended.