Monday, April 30, 2007

My Obituary

This was my assignment for this week for my positive psychology class. Writing your own obituary is kind of humbling... I decided to be a jerk and post it online. Here goes.

Always smiling, he could brighten anyones day. His never-ending quest for knowledge made him a walking encyclopedia and a source of endless trivia--roles he clearly cherished. He loved everyone and loved to be loved by everyone. After a successful but unsatisfying stint at the Wall Street, he moved to a career in which he was close to the greatest things he loved--books--where he brought knowledge and information to everyone who asked. Through all these years of work, he hopes that he has made a difference in the life of at least one person. In the age of specialists, he was clearly a generalist and loved to have a finger in every pie. He has done everything from tree top camping, to maintaining a successful blog, to writing the novel "that was always kicking around" in his head. A patient ear, an indomitable spirit and an unflinching grin were his trademarks. He was just one big shoulder, on which anyone could shed their tears, lean on and move ahead. He went out very much like how he always lived--in style-- and we will all miss him.

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niTin said...

Thank you! Mohit.
Welcome to the blog...
Hope you'll stay for tea.